Searching for the Best Web Hosting of 2015

theHostingSearchThere are a number of important things to keep in mind when searching for the best web hosting of 2015. Understanding how this industry works and knowing how to find great value is key to choosing a provider that is right for you. Perhaps you are confused by all of the conflicting opinions you’ve read on hosting discussion forums like WebHosting Talk. There is hope, however. The following are several crucial factors that you should consider when deciding on the best hosting service for your particular needs. Low Prices Don’t Always Mean Great Service There are lots of companies that pride themselves in offering the most competitive prices out there. It is important to remember that running an efficient and reliable hosting company costs money. Providers that are able to underbid many of the best-known hosting services frequently do so by limiting their selection of services and offering fewer options for connecting with customer support among other things. Ultimately, subscribers will get what they pay for and thus, it is always best to shop for the greatest service value, rather than lowest cost. 99.9% Uptime Isn’t Necessarily Guaranteed Nearly all hosting companies are currently promising 99.9% uptime. Sadly, many hosting companies are not able to provide this level of reliability on a long-term basis. Rather than looking at what companies say they will provide, check out a few candid customer reviews that detail the amount of downtime that people have experienced and that list how long it takes uptime issues to be resolved. There are a few, top-performing companies out there that have consistently been able to meet or exceed their promises of 99.9% uptime. If you shop around for these entities carefully, you are certain to find exactly what you need. The Best Companies Back Their Promises Up Find out what companies are doing to ensure server reliability. Companies that are able to deliver 99.9% uptime usually have solid, dependable features that allow them to do so. For instance, you should look for a company that has a triple or quadruple redundant network. This way, should one or more servers go down, customer websites are still certain to remain online and accessible. Check to see whether providers are willing to compensate their clients as well, whenever downtime is excessive. Free Domain Names Could Undergo Marked Price Increases Many companies offer free, personalized domain names as one of their perks. These offers can be very high in value, especially if they’re granted on a long-term basis. If you find yourself suddenly being billed for a formerly free domain name, however, you could end up spending far more to keep this gift than if simply choosing a provider that makes you pay a more reasonable cost for your domain name outright. Excellent Customer Service Is Always Essential Look for companies that have multiple ways for customers to get in touch. The best hosting companies are easy to access and capable of handling a very broad range of problems. They have online chat platforms and live telephone operators. People can also submit support tickets via their websites or ask questions by sending emails. Given that you’ll need your site to stay functional each and every day of the year, it is best to align yourself with a hosting business that has 24/7 customer support. Site Transfer Assistance One of the foremost goals among hosting companies is to significantly improve user experiences. These companies know that more companies and entrepreneurs are opting to handle the web design and web management processes on their own. They use cPanel to allow for an intuitive and easy design process. Their customer support teams can also assist with site transfers and other aspects of the website development process. Those who lack considerable design experience should steer clear of hosting services that are still catering solely to seasoned web developers. Hosting Service Awards There are a number of prestigious hosting service awards that are handed out each and every year. One organization that presents hosting awards is NCM Online, a company which is best known for its data driven web hosting reviews. Their awards include: “Best Web Hosting Coupon Codes,” “Fastest Web Hosting Worldwide”, “Fastest Web Hosting United States”, “Best Budget Web Hosting,” “Best Web Hosting,” and more. Identifying the recipients of these awards is a great way to find an excellent hosting service for your current business, personal or reseller needs. Take some time to visit the top hosting service review sites like NCM Online in order to obtain lists of award winners and get detailed information on each of the winners.

Tips for Finding Cheap High-Speed Hosting

highspeedwebserversphotoMany consumers have a common misconception that they have to pick between affordability and performance when looking for a web hosting service. If they give preference to speed, they should be willing to pay more money. Similarly, if they sacrifice on speed, they can get affordable website hosting services. The truth, however, is that one does not need to be sacrificed for the other. Finding cheap high-speed hosting is quite easy today. You can get the fastest website hosting services at an affordable price if you know where to look. The following tips may help. Find Companies with State of the Art Hardware Modern servers are more energy efficient than older servers, which means their maintenance cost is much lower. They also come with SSD storage as opposed to HDD storage. It is a well-known fact that reading and writing data on SSDs is much easier and faster, making high-speed website hosting possible. Therefore, you should take your time to search for web hosting firms with SSD servers. The combination of low maintenance cost and high performance can guarantee you fast and cheap hosting. Redeem Coupon Codes One of the best ways to lower your hosting expense is to redeem coupon codes. Ideally, you should make a shortlist of companies offering high-speed hosting at an affordable price and cross-off companies which don’t have coupon codes. Priority should be given to firms which frequently offer redeemable coupon codes. When subscribing to a hosting plan, you can enter the coupon code and get a huge discount off the quoted price of the high-speed web hosting service. Linux vs Windows There is a lot of debate about Linux vs Windows hosting. Some people claim that one is better than the other, but that is not true. In terms of performance, speed and security, the two operating systems are the same. However, the differences begin to manifest when you start comparing the cost of the two types of hosting services. Since Linux is an open source operating system, Linux-based hosting is much cheaper than Windows hosting. After all, you must buy a license before you can use any of the Windows operating systems. However, finding cheap high-speed hosting services which run on Windows is still possible. You just need to look hard enough. Compare Prices The price tags on different types of hosting plans differ greatly from one service provider to the next. If you do not take your time to compare prices, you may discover later on that you got a raw deal on your hosting. To ensure you find fast web hosting at the lowest price possible, be sure to compare hosting plans offered by different companies. Prices should be compared hand in hand with the features of the hosting plans you’re considering. Choose Cloud-Based Hosting Cloud hosting is a revolutionary new concept in the world of computing. The cloud is created by harnessing the resources of dozens of computer servers to create a fully-redundant virtual super computer. The servers are linked to one another via broadband connections. Cloud hosting is not only more reliable, but also more affordable. The service can be compared to shared hosting, but users share the resources of multiple servers located in different parts of the world as opposed to a single server. As a result, the maintenance cost of the cloud service is shared amongst more clients. This translates to lower hosting fees for each client. Furthermore, the service can be metered, which means clients only pay for the resources they use, such as the storage space and bandwidth they use within a given period of time. The service also offers a great deal of scalability. Since most companies offer additional services on top of the hosting service, you can reduce your expenses by getting free domain registration, web builder, affordable SSL certificates, unlimited subdomain and email hosting, affordable domain renewal and free daily data backups among other things. Be sure to compare the extra features offered by different web hosting firms to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Trusting Web Hosting Reviews

How do you know if an evaluation is trustworthy? trustingCompaniesThere are many web hosting companies competing for business. They run television and radio commercials, take out ads at sporting events and even rent billboards in major cities. With all of the ads floating around, it can be difficult to figure out which company might be right for your hosting needs. If you want to find a web host, you need to start looking at web hosting reviews. Unfortunately, not all of these reviews are trustworthy. Some only exist to sell you on a service, while others stir up controversy for page views. If you want to find a good site, you need to figure out how to trust the reviews that you read. Who Wrote It? One of the best ways to tell if web hosting reviews are trustworthy is to figure out who wrote the evaluation. Is the review hosted on the host’s own site? If so, it is probably biased. Likewise, biased reviews can easily be placed online by affiliates of the web host in an attempt to sell more contracts. Make sure that you can trace any relationship between the person who writes the review and the company that is being promoted. If you find a relationship, you might want to look elsewhere for unbiased information. Stick to independent reviews if you can. Where is It? A corollary to the first point, the location of the web hosting reviews are also important. Check out the reputation of a given a site before you trust its reviews. Is it known to be paid by a host? If so, the reviews are biased. Is the site known only for its negative reviews? Likewise, a bias exists. You want to look for reviews that have no stake in whether an individual works with a particular host. The more unbiased the site, the better your chance to get the information that you actually need. Positives and Negatives Does the text of the review sound like ad copy? Is everything in that review positive? If so, it’s not useful to you as a consumer. Even if the review is sponsored by a host, it’s important that it mentions both the positive and negative aspects of the hosting company. Good reviews will certainly celebrate any successes of the host, but they will also be careful to note the failures of the service. There’s no such thing as a perfect host, so make it your job to find out everything that you can about the service’s failings before you sign up. Real Data Good reviews will always list real, relevant data. The inclusion of independent third-party data is generally indicative of an unbiased review. You don’t want to know that a given host is inexpensive — you want to know how much it costs per month. You don’t want to know that customer service is good — you want to know when it is available and what it costs for support. Your goal isn’t just to understand the qualities of the host, but to have the information necessary to make informed choices about your potential online future. If a review has real data, it is more useful for a potential buyer. Finding good web hosting reviews doesn’t have to be hard. Make sure to look for real data, positive and negative information, and to make sure that you can trust both the website on which the review is posted as well as the review’s author. If you can trust the company’s website and find the necessary information, it shouldn’t be terribly difficult for you to find a host that will fit your needs.

What You Need To Know About Web Hosting Coupon Codes

Web hosting coupon codes help to bring down the price of web hosting to an affordable level. shoppingOnTheWebThere are many coupons out there, some of which aren’t even worth clicking on. If you want to save money on your web services, take a moment to look at the fine print on your coupons. A quick examination of a few basic elements will let you know if that coupon will really save you money or if it is just a promotional tool for a web hosting company. The Discount The most obvious part of finding good web hosting coupon codes is figuring out how much money you are going to save. Most coupon codes give you a particular price for a certain set of services — they do not, however, tend to list how much money you’ll be saving over the normal price. Be careful with your coupons, because you might find out that you are only saving a few dollars on a lengthier service contract than you may have thought. Knowing the amount of your discount will help you to decide if you have actually found a good deal. The Program It’s also a good idea to figure out why the business you have chosen is issuing a coupon. Is this a one-time deal that’s meant to drum up business? Are they attempted to match a competitor’s prices? If you know why the coupon is out there, you can learn a great deal about the business. The last thing that you want to do is to use a coupon that simply represents a company’s attempts to get back into business after they have had some sort of major PR or business disaster. What They Include As you might expect, most coupons don’t apply to everything on a website. Web hosting coupon codes tend to only apply to basic hosting packages, so some of the things that you need might not be included with the discounted hosting plan. Make sure things like customer service are included in the plan, or you might end up paying far more than you had anticipated. Some businesses do use coupons as a method of luring in customers who wouldn’t otherwise use their services, so don’t let yourself fall victim to a scheme that promises to save you money while keeping all of the useful services at full price. When They Expire Additionally, you do need to know when your coupons expire. Many coupons for web hosting have a relatively short shelf-life — usually only a month at the most. You also need to know if the coupon you are using has a set date of expiration within the deal. A couple might charge you only a few dollars for the first few months of service, for example, while still keeping you locked into a contract that will require you to pay the full price after the coupon’s expiration. Be careful — you might end up paying more than you expect. Always pay attention to the fine print in web hosting coupons. If you don’t, you might end up with the wrong kind of service for the wrong price. If you ever have questions about coupons, always ask the website’s customer service team. This is not only a great practice for finding out information, but a good way to gauge the responsiveness of the team. If they can’t help you before they have your money, the odds are against them helping you after you sign a contract. BBB Finally, never contract with a business not rferrred by a friend — unless you check their Better Business Bureau rating. While this is no guarantee of success, you could easily save yourself a lot of heartache by simply running a search on the BBB’s nationwide company search page: